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"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

Our lives have undergone epic transformations in comparison to our ancestors and so have the type and number of health issues we face as a society today. While technological innovations have no doubt made our life easier, these advances have also given rise to a host of lifestyle disorders. From hair loss to vision problems, cardiac issues, gastric disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety and insomnia, the list is lengthy and growing day by day. The healthcare industry never goes to sleep because of the numerous ailments battling for the attention of scientists and medical professionals. While our choices have become highly specific, so have the ailments that assail our society.

At Himalaya, our research is propelled by a compelling need to give people a healthier life. Providing society with a better quality of life through head-to-heel wellness has always been our niche and passion. Our wellness solutions address a wide spectrum of medical issues – from preventive care to health management. For example, a common cough and cold, especially before a change of seasons, can easily be prevented by taking Tulsi every day.

While a bouquet of options exist to treat illness, natural herbal supplements can safely augment the body's healing and rebuilding process, working in conjunction with traditional medicine or as a primary option for treatment. With the availability of solutions that are natural and safe, people have a choice to take control of their healing and lead a happier, healthier life.

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  • Himalaya Neem capsules are very effective.

    Ms. Pradnya Mumbai, India
  • We are using AyurSlim and have gotten results within three months.

    Ms. T G Srilakshmi Bengaluru, India
  • I have been taking Gokshura for the last 25 days and have seen good results.

    Rohan Purohit India
  • I am happy to inform you that after starting treatment with Diarex tablets and Bael capsules, my health condition has improved considerably by 90 %.

    Mrs. Rekha Trivedi Gujarat, India
  • Recently, a friend suggested your Antiseptic Cream. Within four days, this cream has worked like a miracle, and not only has my infection disappeared.

    Mrs. Joy Nesamoney Chennai, India
  • I have been a regular user of Brahmi for the last six months. It helps me cope with the day to day mental fatigue which is an occupational hazard in my profession.

    Dr. Bhaskar Guwahati, India
  • I have taken Triphala, one capsule after dinner for about two weeks, and it has been very useful in settling tummy problems.

    Sudha India
  • I purchased the Pain Balm Strong from a Himalaya store in Pune. I found this product to be very effective.

    Mr. Hormuz Siodia Pune, India
  • I have been using Himalaya Pain Massage Oil for the last seven years. The oil is very good and effective.

    Mr. RS Vaidyanathan Gurgaon, India