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Care for the Earth

Good-for-earth farming

Our farmers use organic farming techniques for cultivating herbs. Hundreds of acres of farmland are protected from pests by natural, organic fertilizers like Neem oil. Routine application of farmyard manures and vermicompost keeps the soil rich in nutrients.

As part of the process to restore the Earth’s natural nutrients and control weeds, we expose the soil to the sun, a process known as soil solarization. Soil that has been solarized allows plants to draw on nutrients, especially nitrogen and calcium. Seeds germinate more quickly, plants grow faster and mature earlier, giving higher yields to our farmers.

A greener planet

Himalaya has partnered Society for Environment and Biodiversity Conservation (SEBC), a local non-profit organization in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, to plant trees in this biodiversity-rich region of India. To-date, we have planted over 600,000 trees - mostly a mix of fruit, fodder and nitrogen-fixing trees. By getting local communities involved in the tree plantation program, we have created a sense of ownership for the project. The tree planting efforts have had short-term and long-term benefits. They have provided communities with food and fodder for cattle, while also revitalizing soil health and offsetting 50 pounds of carbon dioxide annually per tree.


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